Covid Canada Estimates: 65,000 cases by May 5th

Covid Canada Estimates: 65,000 cases by May 5th

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remained cautious on Tuesday about whether Canada could soon reopen its stalled economy, but said new projections tracking the spread of COVID-19 suggest the country is well past the worst of the pandemic.

The Public Health Agency of Canada released updated modelling on Tuesday that shows a continued decline in the rate of new infections, largely due to social distancing measures and economic restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus. The new data came as Ottawa and the provinces agreed to a set of loose guidelines that must be met before health restrictions are lifted.

The Liberal government is under pressure from some provinces to pry open certain segments of the economy, over worries that the economic shock from the coronavirus could outweigh any health risks. Around seven million Canadians are unemployed as a result of the pandemic, and Ottawa is expected to run a $184-billion deficit in an effort to stabilize the Canadian economy.

Trudeau has cautioned against a patchy re-opening, saying that an uncoordinated response could trigger new waves of viral spread.